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Customs Clearance: UK, Ireland and EU

Trust Harbour to take care of your imports and exports

Now that the UK is outside the European Union, you don’t need any added headaches in the form of wondering whether your goods will have customs clearance procedure issues. Harbour is the team with the experience to make sure your goods get where they need to go.

Customs clearance process specialists


Import and Export Clearance formalities can be complex to navigate - unless you have a dedicated freight forwarding partner who knows how to do things quickly and correctly. We are here to offer advice and practical solutions on matters such as taxation, VAT & Duty and customs entry process, aiming to streamline the process and ensure your freight clears Customs swiftly and efficiently.

Harbour International Freight is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), giving our services a lower risk score. This means that consignments we send are fast-tracked through customs controls, and that when a load is selected for examination or inspection by customs authorities, they receive priority over ones from non accredited freight handlers. This ensures a speedy and hassle-free freight delivery experience for you and your customers.

We also offer convenience through our auto upload file that you can easily transfer your information in to. This not only reduces your costs but allows for fast and easy clearance of your goods, reducing delays and transit times.


A network which covers your needs

​Harbour International has bases in the UK and Ireland and covers all major ports between the two and in and out of the EU and the rest of Europe. Whether you are sending a trailer full of goods, one pallet, or a specialised time sensitive delivery, our customs clearance procedure knowledge can help you meet your obligations.

Why not use us the next time you need freight transport to Europe? Contact the team today.

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