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Customer Update - driver shortage situation

Dear Customers,

At Harbour we pride ourselves on our commitment to be open, honest and transparent with you.

I write to share with you the current challenges we are experiencing with regards to driver and general labour availability, compounded by the fact that we are currently in peak holiday season.

The resourcing issues are not just being felt by us but also nationwide by the whole transport and distribution industry and our fellow shareholder members of Pall-Ex who are suffering from this well-publicised, unprecedented situation, described as a “crisis” by many in the industry and the national press. The haulage industry has been pleading for help and in the last 25 years I have never seen anything like it.

Sadly, at Harbour we are now slowly starting to see our usual high service standards being compromised by the driver shortage, but rest assured we are working tirelessly to look at all available solutions locally and nationally with our network.

We sincerely apologise should you experience any form of delivery delay and again we assure you of our best efforts to make all deliveries on-time.

We will be closely monitoring this on-going national crisis over the coming weeks and keep you updated of any developments.

Finally, I would like to ask and thank you for your patience, understanding and on-going support during these continuing challenging times. If you have any concerns, please contact myself or the team using the details below or emailing

Kind Regards,

Steve Swinburn

UK General Manager


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