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Deferment when sending goods to Ireland

When sending goods to another country, you would normally expect to pay VAT, customs duty on arrival, potentially delaying shipments.

However, there is a compliant way to save cost and ensure that customs delays are minimised to customers that are in Ireland, using their TAN Deferment account to electronically process the VAT and duty.

Put simply, this means that any duties fall into the deferment scheme, whereby they are collected directly from the customers account with Revenue instead being due there and then at the border. This system which Harbour can facilitate through your client means that we don’t charge the admin fee to the customer for using our account, and there are less headaches and delays at the border.

The other good news is that applying for this is quick and easy, you can find out more here.

Upon completion the import should send this directly to and upload on their MyRos portal which they will have from the Irish Revenue.

Fast, efficient and saving customers cost – exactly how we like to operate here at Harbour.

VAT Postponed Accounting following the UK's withdrawal from the EU

Important to note that following the EU/UK deal in December 2020, importers have the option to use postponed accounting for VAT only. This will mean that specific information needs to be on import declaration, and so it is imperative this information is advised.


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