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Harbour strengthens its CSR credentials

Through Pall-Ex, Harbour is part of the Penny a Pallet scheme, which means (as you might guess) that we give a penny for every pallet delivered to charity.

The current main charity is Combat Stress, and we're pleased to say that through our customer bookings, we have contributed to £25k donated to them in 2021, plus

and extra £1k for 25 other charities - all as part of Pall'Ex's 25th Anniversary.

In addition, the scheme will be donating £1k this December as a candle and floral sponsor for their Christmas Concert.

Harbour Plays it Green

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are partnering with Play It Green, a charity which helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Although we have already made good progress in our UK warehouses in terms of carbon - solar panels, staff electric charging points, electric FLT and installation of motion detected office and warehousing lights - we know there is much more to do.

As part of our membership with Play It Green, we have committed to offset 100% of our UK Operations' carbon footprint during 2023, through planting of 9000 trees, and we hope to go beyond this in 2024 to step up to a negative footprint.


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