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Supporting your retail and residential customers

Retail Plus service from Harbour

As the freight market has developed, so too have customer requirements. We wondered how to respond to customer requests for freight needs to be delivered in the same way as parcels and smaller consignments. And of course, we knew this needs to happen while keeping to health and safety standards.

Enter our Retail Plus service. An across the threshold delivery, all with the usual Harbour customer service excellence, but where you can designate where smaller consignments are delivered to. For example, this could be shop or residential building, room/floor of choice, or stockroom delivery.

Not only does this service help reduce the carbon footprint of what would be multiple parcel or small consignment, it is also cost effective, from as little as £20 per pallet surcharge. And you don’t have to worry about packaging to dispose of either – part of Harbour’s CSR is that we guarantee to safely remove any packaging.

So more convenience, cost effective and reducing your carbon footprint while delighting your customers with our service. What’s not to love?

Download the full service info below.

Harbour Retail Plus Service
Download • 428KB

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