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Three freight things to be aware of in the ‘new normal’

As our customers know, Harbour goes above and beyond to make sure our customers get the service they should expect. We thought now would be a good time to take stock of the changes caused by Britain leaving the European Union. Although we take care of as much of the hard work as we can, there are some things that will need to be done by you as a customer.

We hope these three simple things will help you when sending goods to Europe.

1) Check your TARIC.

If you are exporting from the UK to the EU, including Irelands, you must have the 10-digit tariff code and not the UK 8-digit code. You can use the EU database here.

2) Know your Incoterms.

It sounds obvious, but you should ensure that both you and your customer agree these in advance. and ensure both you and your customer agree them in advance, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DAP (Delivered at Place) are easily and often confused. If in doubt, check the ICC site or download Harbour’s own PDF guide.

3) Use our Commercial Invoice check list.

Everything that needs to be on there must be checked and double checked to avoid any holdups to transit of goods. Luckily we have produced a great guide for you which can be found below.

Download PDF • 173KB

If you want to read more on how it works from our side, our MD Steve recently wrote an article for Manchester Business Magazine which can be found here.


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