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Using the Trader Support Service?

Make sure you have authorised us to process TSS for you

Due to a change in the process for declarations when sending freight to Northern Ireland, you need to authorise Harbour to complete the declaration for you. If you don't or haven't already done this, your end customer will start to get requests to do it themselves.

Luckily it's a pretty easy process.

Authorisation can only be actioned by the primary account holder.

1) Log on to TSS and click into the ‘’Company profile’’ tab located on the right-hand side at the top of the screen.

2) Scroll down the page to section titled ‘Agents & Intermediaries’ on the right-hand side

3) Click on the ‘Authorise An Agent’ button. You will now see the following pop-up box:

4) Enter our EORI number = GB638762600000, tick the 4 check boxes and Submit. Once submitted, could you please send an email to and confirming submission.

5) Harbour Freight will receive an authorisation request and will then complete their part in the process. This is the final step and Harbour will now be authorised to process submissions on your behalf.


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