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Harbour moves to ensure London service keeps on the move

As we move back towards something resembling normality, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that our service levels stay as you would expect them to be. Harbour doesn’t and never will accept that customers need to get used to poor service either during or after the pandemic.

Over the last two years we have become aware of issues in and around London, due to the sheer volume of freight going in and out, overloaded depots, and third-party companies that simply take on too many jobs, prioritising volume over quality.

We have been researching into this problem and have now initiated what we are calling the London Plan, which means:

  • We will only work within the London area with delivery partners who exclusively carry for Pall-Ex members

  • All delivery partners must agree to a high level of service delivery, replicating the standards we expect from our own service

  • We will work with partners and Pall-Ex members to ensure that commitment to these high standards is rewarded, keeping everyone in the chain profitable and with an incentive to provide excellent service every time

Pall-Ex will emerge from this as the only network which has exclusive London delivery members in its supply chain, ensuring that this change will deliver positivity in customer satisfaction and real service value that keeps to the standard which Harbour is built on and expects for our valued customers.

You can find out more about this plan by downloading the following document.

Pall-Ex - London Project
Download PDF • 980KB

If you don't already use us for delivering goods into London, we'd love to help. Contact us on or fill in the form on our website.

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