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Pallet networks explained

You probably know that we are a shareholder member of the Pall-Ex network, but have you ever wondered exactly how this works?

What is a Pall-Ex and how does the delivery network operate?

Simply put, Pall-Ex is a group of over 95 different freight organisations who work together to get goods where they need to go, of which Harbour is a shareholder member. If a consignment needs to go somewhere where we haven't got a truck going that day, we send it to one of Pall-Ex's hubs and it hitches a ride with someone else's that is. This is the great thing about a pallet delivery network is that every firm can cover a much wider area in less time than if companies worked by themselves and had one vehicle doing several stops along a long route. All Pall-Ex members share a high standard of customer service and everyone works equally hard to get pallets where they need to go; no matter the original firm, the customer is always the priority.

Why choose pallet delivery over a courier?

Once you have chosen your pallet size (Standard or Eur depending on where you are sending your goods) and whether you need a quarter, half or full one, your items will be shrink wrapped onto it. This not only keeps them safe for transit, but saves cost by offering you a single price for the whole consignment instead of smaller, one off charges you would pay a courier firm.

Sometimes goods need to be delivered at a certain time or maybe have special transport conditions - your team at Harbour will work with our network partners to ensure we coordinate the right options that do nothing to compromise your items and ensure they are there when and how they need to be. It's also true that using us over a courier or van hire service means you have access to expert customs advice if you are shipping overseas. The team at Harbour will give you all the info on what you need to do to avoid any delays.

How do I use pallet delivery for my next shipment?

Whether you are an individual or a company, you can take advantage of the benefits that we offer as part of the Pall-Ex network. The first step is to go to the Harbour Freight website, then contact us and we'll get you a competitive quote. The rest you leave to us.


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